Smart Online System of Transport Apps – Sosta+  

Sosta + is an app available for both iOS and Android aimed at parking management. It is much more than a “digital parking meter.” In fact, it allows the purchase and use of Tickets with closed and/or open parking without additional costs and with a parking expiry notification with the possibility of recharging from the app, in addition to the visualization and interaction with the polygons and rates of the different parking areas.

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IdeaaS Industrial Production Manager

It’s an information system for the “collection” of productive data from machines and machine operators, the use of digital tools in the Industry 4.0 field, and the digital transformation of production sheets that describe the activities/steps to be performed for the purpose of print orders, which allows collecting all information on quantity, checks, quality, stops, etc.

The “IdeaaS Industrial Production Manager” system acts as an “integrator” between the signals from the microcontrollers of Industry 4.0 automatic machines and the factory’s management system to handle aspects related both to production and to the logistics of the factory and/or warehouses.

With the introduction of the system described here, the data and any paper sheets produced for jobs at the machine, are accessible and updateable in real-time digitally to fulfill the requirement of bidirectional interconnectivity.

All data collected by the system allows not only to maintain the history of activities and “Part-program” settings for different productions, which can then be reused in the future, but also to record information on parts, methods, and settings used in the production of batches, thus becoming traceable.

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Parking Manager Collector

The Parking Collector is a system specifically developed to allow the collection of parking data from various sources. This aims to achieve greater integration and management of Tickets/Subscriptions/Information collected, aimed at continually improving the Smart Parking service by enabling better and more uniform accounting and related reporting.

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PM2 -Property Maintenance & Security Management 

It is an ad hoc solution that allows the integration of the real estate/property database (with their related objects) and manage it with a Web Management system and an Android App. The latter enables access to the system in the cloud for the visualization and management of phases related to activities assigned to the user. The app aims to manage both passive and active assets, with IoT integration, alarms, and control management of patrol rounds and security interventions.

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AiIG: Italian Association of Management Engineering

IdeaaS also had contacts with the polytechnic institute, creating an application to facilitate the management and organization of events at the Lecco campus.

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Antifire Management System

The purpose of the Antifire management system is the management of the Municipality of Milan’s assets related to fire and electrical systems, including the management of scheduled maintenance, related calendars, extraordinary interventions, management contracts with suppliers, tracking of interventions to be carried out directly in the field, the historical activity on assets, control, and invoicing SALs.

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Target Territorio

We have developed the backend of the target territory service, including all the systems/processes for territorial big data analysis.

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