Smart Online System of Transport apps – Sosta+  

Sosta + is an app available for both iOS and Android designed for parking management. However, it is much more than a “digital parking meter”; it allows the purchase and use of Tickets for both closed and open parking without additional costs, and it notifies when parking time expires with the option to recharge from the app, in addition to displaying and interacting with the polygons and rates of different parking areas. An interesting feature of the app is also the parking guide, indicating the most efficient route to the chosen parking spot through the map. Sosta + also offers the possibility to share credit with others and to view the Wallet with notes on expenses and recharges directly from the app.

Below is a video showing how the app works.

The System is composed of various blocks:

  • A Management system for end customers (URBAN MANAGER), which involves the configuration of products, the management of subscriptions and top-ups, and the collection of documentation. It allows for various data extractions, periodic summaries, charts, and reports for analysis.
  • An ad hoc portal (E-commerce), where the end user can independently purchase the desired type of Subscription either through a virtual counter or via the user portal.
  • A Portal/Management system for internal use by the BackOffice and HelpDesk (SOSTA+), which interfaces directly with the app of the same name, serves to customize parking spaces, polygons, and their related rates used in the Sosta+ app and to manage communication with user customers, thanks to the integrated help desk system. This system allows for modifications to the app (it’s possible to draw polygons and assign them different functionalities)
  • And to provide assistance to users through chat interaction. Sosta+, in fact, allows Help Desk staff to view each consumer’s page with their subscriptions, tickets, and movements, as well as app orders, so they can track the history and especially have their situation at hand in case the consumer requires assistance, which can come either by phone or by chat, interacting directly through the app.
  • Through integration with access and surveillance systems, the system supports those in need by interacting with IoT and the home automation of systems and barriers. Moreover, it can send an alarm if necessary.
  • A REPORTING Management system, which unites and links what is managed by Urban Manager and collected through importers and integrations via FULL REST API, processing tickets, subscriptions, and collections from multi-brand parking meters. Everything can be extracted into Excel/CSV. All collected data are then managed (divided, aggregated, etc.) for final reporting.
  • A Portal for the management of checks, violations, and fines (AUXILIARIES), from which it is possible to monitor all the checks carried out with the Parking Manager app – supplied to Traffic Auxiliaries – and any fines that have been issued in the form of notices and payable penalties either through the cash desk directly on the Auxiliaries portal or through a specific site or via the Sosta+ app by scanning a QRCode.
  • The Android app for the management of checks, violations, and fines (PARKING MANAGER APP), which allows for real-time verification through license plate scanning if the vehicle has permission to park in a certain area and, if not, allows for issuing a fine.

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