IdeaaS Industrial Production Manager 

It’s an informatic sytsem that allows you to:

  • the “collection” of production data coming from the machines and operators on the machine,
  • the use of digital tools in industry 4.0,
  • the digital transformation of production sheets (which describe both the activities and the steps to be carried out to execute printing orders and allow the collection of all information on quantities, controls, quality, stops, etc.)

The “IdeaaS Industrial Production Manager” system acts on the machine as an “integrator” between the signals from the microcontrollers of Industry 4.0 automatic machines and the factory management system to handle aspects related to both production and factory/logistics warehouses.

With the introduction of the system described here, data and any paper sheets produced for jobs at the machine can be accessed and updated in real-time digitally to fulfill the requirement of bidirectional interconnectivity.

All data collected by the system allow not only to maintain the history of activities and “Part-program” settings for different productions, which can then be reused in the future, but also to record information on parts, methods, and settings used in the production of batches, thus becoming traceable.

Web-based job/Order management software at the machine

The minimum fields to be managed are those contained in the company’s production sheet.

The system is web-based and regulated by login with credentials associated with user roles (e.g., operator, production department manager, admin, etc.).

Signature flow / start / stop / checks / choice of checks: for quality, stops, etc. Data must be filled out and saved in the DataCollection – ERP exchange tables of the client.

The list of JOBS must be filtered by Machine, but on the display of each machine, this constraint can be removed to see all the JOBS selectable at that moment.

A job in progress or completed will no longer be selectable at the machine.

Selecting a JOB will display the screen describing the JOB with information on the machine card and machine data with updates and real-time checks during the production period of the item. The Machine Terminal / Machine association can be made using device identification parameters in a terminal registry that will be part of the web management system.

The web-based solution allows using the application on various browsers of machine-side devices, typically economical Android Tablets.

Access management through user and profile and recognition also through an integrated system of RFID TAG proximity readers.

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