PM2 -Property Maintenance & Security Management 

It is an ad hoc solution that allows the integration of the real estate/property database (with their related objects) and manage it with a Web Management system and an Android App. The latter enables access to the system in the cloud for viewing and managing phases related to activities assigned to the user. The app aims to manage both passive and active assets, with IoT integration, alarms, and management of patrol rounds and security interventions.

The software consists of several parts:

A WebApp (Antifire), which includes:

  • Management of any type of system:
  • Fire prevention (e.g., extinguishers, hydrants, counters, etc.)
  • Security (video surveillance and more)
  • Electrical Service (e.g., electrical panels, photovoltaic, etc.)
  • Parking (e.g., access barriers, charging stations, cash registers, parking spaces, etc.)
  • Property (e.g., gardens, elevators, escalators, certifications, etc.)
  • Air quality detection systems and/or weather stations
  • Any other type of object-groups and services, with easy integration into the system structure.
  • Management of teams and patrols, thus organizing teams of maintainers with programming of activities in batches that can then be sent to the App for managing its execution in different sites/properties, as well as manage and organize security patrols regarding patrol rounds and interventions on alarms.
  • General visualization and monitoring through dashboards directly accessible in the cloud. The system allows to keep track of when and how much is done by suppliers, as well as to have evidence and/or alerts in case of delay.
  • Generation of various reports in Excel and PDF, to extract and analyze the available data and logs.
  • Collection of information from sensor integration using Proximity technologies (such as NFC/RFID QRCode) and networks.
  • The possibility of exposing this information via Cloud and RESTAPI FULL Endpoint to allow information integration.

An IonicApp for the periodic control management of the company’s RSPP, which also includes verification reminders and the ability to upload photos (e.g., of the verification object, as proof of the correct or problematic situation)

The FM (Facility Management) App, with which it is possible:

  • For maintainers, to extract from the database the objects of the various types of systems to be maintained/periodic testing with their deadline dates and a checklist of verification activities to be done, as well as to always have an overview of extraordinary requests to be addressed according to the associated priority;
  • For internal managers or owners, to keep track of the situation of the systems, certifications, etc., for every single building/office/apartment.

Team management of maintainers. The Android App is capable of receiving the programming of activities in batches of objects to be verified for managing its execution in different sites/properties, according to the organization preset by the management system (WebAppAntifire). Each team can download only the batches assigned to it.

Patrol management. With appropriate roles, the APP also allows managing and organizing security patrols regarding patrol rounds and interventions on alarms that, via IoT, can be directly integrated into the system.

The App allows managing interventions quickly based on the proximity of teams/patrols to the location where the alarm was triggered, organizing them with the normal surveillance already scheduled/calendarized, including patrols where provided.

Real-time situation monitoring and operations. Thanks to the Management-App integration via RestAPI, with the App, it is possible to see the various objects and their location on a map.

Smart building automation. Thanks to IoT, it is possible to have integration, for example, with openhab alarm systems, with real-time detection also of patrols, lights on/off, anywhere or by zone.

Smart access auth. It is possible to authorize special guests to park in reserved spots, closed with a barrier, to be opened with the App (to which a specific single or periodic recognition QR has been sent).

Each App is also always accompanied by maps with markers indicating the properties and objects of interest.

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