Parking Manager Collector

The Parking Collector is a system developed specifically to allow the collection of parking data from various sources. This is to achieve greater integration and management of Tickets/Subscriptions/Information collected, aimed at continually improving the Smart Parking service by enabling better and more uniform reporting and related reporting.

The main features of the software are:

  • The collection of real-time data from third-party systems for managing parking meters, apps, and barriers that regulate on-street and off-street parking;
  • The normalization of data to maintain it in a unified form within the system;
  • The analysis functionality for generating reports and exporting aggregated data via RESTAPIFULL JSON, which can be accessed by third-party dashboards.
  • The data fusion and enrichment functions, which can then be distributed to integrated or integrable third-party systems.
  • Availability on a Kubernetes cluster infrastructure for the collection, sending, and queuing of ticket sales messages received.

For the development, the following activities were carried out:

  • Analysis, design, and development of the solution for push collection and identification of the minimum data for sending to third-party systems for Auxiliary checks and data reporting/statistical systems of aggregated data
  • The design and implementation of a microservices infrastructure on a Kubernetes cluster and infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform including domains and https >= 1.2 ssl certificates;
  • Encryption of license plate fields and messages collected in the logs for receptions from parking meters and sending anonymized license plates in reports.

Currently, the Parking Collector is already used daily for Smart Parking management services for which some of our clients use various management systems developed by us (parking management systems aimed at end customers / for internal use of BackOffice and HelpDesk / e-commerce portals / reporting).

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