Our Philosophy


Through consulting activities, IdeaaS offers the study and design of customized solutions tailored specifically for you and your company. We collaborate with our clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work processes. When it is necessary to automate certain procedures and reduce costs by finding alternative solutions, a tailor-made IT system is the best solution.


To ensure tailor-made solutions, at the heart of our work at IdeaaS, we invest a significant amount of time in studying and designing each of your requests and projects to guarantee the most suitable solution for your specific needs.


We offer services for the creation of studies aimed at optimizing the management of businesses, organizations, and consortia, and cooperatives through interventions in organization, restructuring, management control, financial planning, and quantitative-qualitative control of production and related costs. Additionally, we provide training and general consulting activities in areas related to IT, automation, and organization, in response to any customer requests. Beyond specific technical skills, we strongly believe in the importance of know-how, which we consider to be one of our strengths, along with our problem-solving abilities.

as a Service

Our software systems are primarily developed in the cloud to make them accessible from any device and to ensure you always have a fully functional service. Additionally, we are always available to address any software issues or accommodate your requests for system modifications.

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