AiIG: “Italian Association of Management Engineering”

organization of events at the Lecco campus.

The app, accessible through a QR code, aims to make event organization and participant management easier. It has been published on the Google store for Android and on Apple’s iOS store and is divided into configurable sections such as:

Section with event content in Lecco:

  • Campus map,
  • How to reach it,
  • Assistance to contact for various purposes,

Event Calendar Section: with the possibility to register participations using the Forms already available on the association’s website where present, possible event descriptions with calendar schedules, etc.

Papers Section: integrated with the management system already used for downloading the final PDFs to incorporate the latest updates and approvals from paper authors contributors.

Check-in with participant data. This occurs in two ways:

  • A database with of participants with their paid status yes/no
  • Through registration from the APP providing name, surname, and email

The app also features:
Sending push notifications that will go to all those who have the app installed on Android or iOS

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